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How did we get here? Why do we do this? Who are we? We have heard these questions many times, and so, to save some time and share a little about ourselves, keep reading...

     We are Vickie and Bruce, the proud owners of Twisted (formerly Exhale), a Fortuna Island Spirit 37 catamaran. We recently purchased her to begin instructing sailing classes for Emerald Coast Yachts in the Pensacola area. It is an American Sailing School certified facility.

Why Us?

Driven by the desire to help others find the same joy and challenges on the water, as we have. We will endeavor to demonstrate how you can appreciate and respect the forces of nature at sea, while finding and fulfilling a part of you that is never quite satisfied on land.

In all honesty, I believe we purchased Twisted for selfish reasons. It didn't hurt that Vickie is the most proficient enabler you will ever meet.

Our Boat

A Fortuna Island Spirit 37 catamaran. She is hull number 013 out of 50 built by the South African boatyard. Designed by renowned architect Phil Southwell.

LWL: 36 ft             Beam: 22 ft 1 in

Draft: 3 ft 9 in       Air Draft(Mast Height): 62 ft

Engines (2): Yanmar 30hp

100,000,000 Happy Customers

Well, we can not claim some astronomical number of satisfied customers. We only started in early 2017, BUT, we CAN say that if you are not happy with your experience at Twisted Sailing, there is something wrong with you and you need immediate professional help.

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